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At JP Pumps & Drainage, we are fully equipped to carry out all maintenance and installation services for all pump chambers, including

  • Pump Station Emptying
  • Pump Station Cleaning
  • Pump Station Servicing
  • Pump Station Repairs
  • Pump Station Installations

Our experts have experience in keeping pumps dry and clean while repairing, refurbing, and upgrading guide rail systems, alarm systems, control panels and switches for various pump stations. Our staff can reach out to confined spaces and utilise jet vacuums to remove garbage and dirt for proper pump station cleaning.

Sewage Pumping Station Maintenance Services

Sewage pump stations are prone to the accumulation of non-biodegradable waste and other greasy materials like fat and oil. To keep your station in maximum functionality, it is crucial to clean the floats. Our pump station maintenance services are primarily designed to fulfil the needs of customers to keep their systems in first-hand condition.

Our experts have years of experience in detecting pump station problems. We keep pump stations of all kinds in good working order on regular basis. Our vacuum tankers quickly extract and dispose of all the waste, allowing your pump station to operate at peak functionality.

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Why is Pump Station Maintenance Important?

Even the most efficient pump system requires maintenance which reduces the likelihood of the pumping station failing unexpectedly. Our pump station maintenance services are also provided annually for your sewage pumping system. However, regular inspections of your pumping station improve the efficiency and extend the life of your pump.

Toilet Has Been Blocked

Drainage pump system fails to perform for a variety of reasons. Clogging in a toilet flush is one of the most common problems of all time. The sewage pump system is meant to manage filthy human waste and biodegradable waste, and non-degradable waste might cause problems and congestion in the system. It is important for homeowners to take care of items that should not be flushed down the toilet.

  • Wet wipes for cleaning
  • Paper towels
  • Cotton swabs
  • Teeth floss

 In case your toilet is clogged, our sewage pumping station cleaning efficiently detects the problem. Our plumbers and other drainage specialists could reach far enough to take the dirt and waste out so that foreign objects do not further harm sewage septic lines.     

Pump Station Maintenance


Constant Running Toilet

Homeowners don’t want a whirlpool in their bathroom all the time. A running toilet will certainly result in you tinkering with it every time you use it in order to stop it. Our sewage pump station repair team is proficient in problem indication of water flap and instantly controls the flow of water from the tank to the bowl to bring your toilet back in working order.

High Water Levels in the Sewage Pump Systems

High levels in the sewage pumping system are an alarm for bigger sewerage issues. Our pump station cleaning services will readily investigate the situation and prevent your property from flooding.

Pumping Maintenance Services for Commercial Property

Are you looking for skilled and highly trained professionals for commercial pump station maintenance? We provide a range of efficient, cost-effective drainage solutions. Our services and vacuum tankers are accessible all across the United Kingdom. Our pump station cleaning services clean your pumps while causing minimal inconvenience to your business.   In most of the systems, faults are readily diagnosed and repaired by the first visit of our pump specialists with plumbing and electrical backgrounds. This is largely due to JP Pumps & Drainage’s training workshops, well-equipped professionals, and vast inventory.

Wastewater Pumping Station Installation for Residential and Commercial Property

When the gravity and surface below your property cannot be relied upon to dispose of all the wastewater, a pump station guarantees efficiency and continuity of service. To drain  sewage out of your property, our pumping systems only use a small amount of electricity.

If your sewage system is higher up than your wastewater pipes and if you already have main sewerage pipelines, still the need for a pumping system is crucial to transport waste away from your premises. Our professional team appropriately install water pumping systems to properly transfer water away from your property.