Emergency Sump Pump Repair Services

Many people do not ever think of sump pump servicing and suffer the long-term consequences of it. If you are one of the homeowners standing ankle-deep in your flooded basement after heavy rainfall, our emergency sump pump service will get you out of the trouble.  Sump pumps are an important element to prevent your basement from flooding, so they must have serviced and maintained properly. JP Pumps and Drainage have extensive expertise in sump pump installation, maintenance and repairing. So, leave this work of repairing to us; our team will assist you throughout the process.

How Often Should You Avail of Our Sump Pump Servicing?

While sump pump systems are durable to perform efficiently for a long period, there are several reasons that contribute to the malfunctioning of sump pumps.  As wear and tear in your pump system affect the functionality of your pump, which increases the likelihood of pump failure. We specialise in collaborating with clients to deliver planned servicing, cleaning and checks, and maintenance.

The Procedure of Sump Pump Service

To guarantee that all the work we have completed is of high standards, our professional sump pump servicing team works day and night.  We perform a detailed inspection, cleaning and testing as per the requirement of our client. Our sump pump maintenance procedure entails determining the cause of pump failure. Our engineers will complete a checklist to ensure that the sump pump system works at its maximum capacity.

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Checking the Power Supply

Our basement sump pump service team checks the power supply.  A surge protector in the sump pump protects the pump from damage and shocks.  Our sump pump servicing specialists ensure that the surge pump is in working order and that any damage to your pump is repaired as soon as possible.

Checking of Float Switch

Most of the time sump pump stops working due to the malfunctioning of the float switch. The clogged pit of sump pump due to wet tissues, hair and other stuff makes it difficult for the float switch to operate properly. Our sump pump repair service is readily available for you to bring back your sump pump to functionality.

Inspection of Discharge Pipes

Discharge pipes allow the water to move away from the property. Our sump pump cleaning service providers check the area to discover if there are any moisture leaks. Moreover, our team will inspect the discharge pipe vent for any debris, and if it gets clogged, we will remove it to ensure that the water is running smoothly.

Sump Pump Service


Impeller Cleaning

Like the float switch, the impeller is also a vital part of sump pumps.  The impeller also becomes clogged with debris and dirt and affects the functionality of sump pumps. Loud, rattling, and weird noises from the sump pump are an indication that the impeller is not working properly. Our sump pump maintenance service thoroughly cleans the impeller.

Checking the Check Valves

Amateur sump pump installation results in the incorrect fitting of valves which causes the water to run back into the sump pump.  Our efficient sump pump installers provide first-class installation of sump pump valves so that in future, you won’t face any consequences.  Our sump pump service providers double-check that the check valves point in the right direction. 

Cleaning the Sump Basin Debris

As with the passage of time, dirt and debris accumulate in the basin of sump pumps.   Our emergency sump pump repair team thoroughly examine the basin to remove all the dirt.

Installing a Battery Backup System

If your sump pump does not have a battery backup system in place, our engineers will recommend installing one. If your house is flood-prone, the power supply can be frequently disrupted, affecting the sump pumps.  As the expense of restoring water damage can be substantial, it is always a good idea to have a backup option. 

Sump Pump Servicing Cost

Our sump pump service cost depends on the type of servicing your pump needs.  There are no fixed charges for pump servicing; it entirely depends upon the condition of your sump pump. Our emergency sump pump replacement charges are slightly higher than the regular servicing cost.