JP Pumps & Drainage Delivers Exceptional Services

At JP Pumps & Drainage, we provide a range of water pumps in different sizes and models that are tailored to the need of each client. We put in a lot of effort to provide new and improved domestic and commercial water pumping systems. No matter how large or small the installation is, our large and small water pump installation services adhere to high standards. With years of experience, we plan and follow simple and easy installation processes to make installation a trouble-free process for you.

How is Water Booster Pump Installation Beneficial for You?

Booster pumps are typically used to boost the level of the water system for usage in houses and commercial buildings. Our water pump installation services install quality pumps which play a crucial part in increasing the low water pressure levels in both household and commercial settings. For high-rise buildings, water is sent all the way to the top level of the building; therefore, a commercial booster pump is required. Our domestic water pump installation provides efficient booster pumps used to repressurise water from the storage tank and deliver it to a faucet or throughout the home.

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A House Water Pump Installation

Our single and durable water pump booster pump increases the pressure throughout the house.   Homes that use well water can significantly enhance the flow of water to the residence. Our submersible water well pump installation increases the pressure of water from the well storage system to the house. This will help to fulfil your daily needs of water usage.

Domestic Hot Water Recirculating Pump

Have you ever wondered why your hot water tap initially provides cold water when you turn it on? You have to wait for a few seconds and even more than that, depending upon the size of your property. Our hot water circulating pump provides hot water pumps that are primarily designed to provide hot water on demand. Our hot water recirculating pump is installed in your water heater, which returns unused hot water back to the pump.

Water Pump Installation


Top Quality Jet Water Pumps

Jet water is mechanical equipment that pushes fluid through a nozzle and converts fluid pressure into a high-speed jet. Our jet water pump installation techniques are unique and do not require maintenance work. Our pump diffusor in the jet water pump retransforms fluid velocity into pressure. It operates efficiently by drawing water toward the surface.  

Our jet water pump installation is practically useful as it effectively draws water in seconds. These pumps are available in the following three types

  • Deep well pump
  • Convertible pump
  • Shallow well pump

Why Do You Need Our Water Pump Repair Service? 

Here is the list of reasons that show that you need our pump repair services for your company.

  • Engine is turned on, but it does not pump water
  • Loud and squeaking noise of water pumps
  • Water pump is showing signs of wear and tear
  • Water leaks
  • Shafts are damaged or broken

Comprehensive Water Pump Repair Services

Is your water pump recently driving you insane? A faulty water pump not only harms itself but causes additional damage throughout the property. Our water pump repair service quickly and efficiently repairs pumps that will last longer and prevent additional wear and tear. Our professionals lessen your effort and struggle to keep pumps in first-hand condition by repairing them to extend their life.  

 Your water pump is not as simple as it looks. It is made up of several valves and pipes, and if not properly installed or repaired, can cause bigger problems. Our professional team takes care of every step, such as disassembling, cleanliness, assembling and testing your system to bring back its functionality. Our premium water pump repair services are up to the mark to satisfy all our clients.